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The Essential Optical Modulation Analyzer Solution

The Essentials of
Coherent Optical Signal Generation and Detection

IQGalaxy combines all the necessary components for a simple generation and detection of coherent optical signals in one cost-effective package.

Coherent optical modulation enables a more secure and efficient way to transmit data and it is quickly becoming the key technology in numerous data transmission market segments.
Coherent Solutions provides an answer to the market’s growing demand for an easy-to-use entry level coherent signal generation and detection system with the new IQGalaxy package.

High Fidelity

The IQGalaxy is an ideal solution for generation and detection of high quality coherent optical signals, such as BPSK and QPSK, with low EVM.

Free Space Transmission

With a symbol rates of 5 to 30 GBaud the IQGalaxy is an ideal platform for free space transmission R&D.
To further improve its flexibility, the IQGenerator includes an optional EDFA to boost its output optical power.

Perfect for Educational Institutions

Do you need a cost-effective solution to get familiar with coherent technology? The IQGalaxy is the answer for a limited budget.



  • Up to 25 GHz coherent receiver bandwidth
  • Real time acquisition for testing optical channels
  • Built-in narrow linewidth tunable laser
  • Optical-LinQ OMA software
  • User algorithm development with MATLAB™



  • Auto Bias Control
  • 15 GHz optical bandwidth
  • Single polarization modulator
  • 1.25 – 14.5 Gb/s NRZ PRBS Generation

Teledyne LeCroy’s WaveMaster

Teledyne LeCroy’s WaveMaster

The WaveMaster 820Zi-B combines the performance, signal fidelity and feature set needed for today’s high-speed measurements with the ease-of-use of a standard benchtop oscilloscope. Featuring the highest-speed serial data triggers, the only complete multi-lane serial data analysis and eye diagram solution, and the most comprehensive set of compliance packages, the WaveMaster 820Zi-B simplifies the most complex testing.

Coherent Solutions’ SP-IQScope

SP-IQScope - Optical Receiver

The SP-IQScope Coherent Optical Receiver brings optical modulation analysis to the Teledyne LeCroy WaveMaster 8Zi-B oscilloscope. As a calibrated reference receiver,
the SP-IQScope performs heterodyne detection to give you the full characterization of the optical field.

Seamless Software Integration

Optical-LinQ is an intuitive and fully integrated software package for analysis of optically modulated signals. It runs on the WaveMaster and is fully integrated into the DSO software giving you a single, intuitive interface.


IQGenerator - Optical signal generator box

The optical signal generator integrates PPG, Optical IQ modulator and EDFA into a single instrument, giving you a simple turn-key solution that’s easy to set-up and use.
All the connections between internal components are externally connectorized to provide the flexibility of custom configuration.

IQGalaxy Components

IQGalaxy Components