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IQTransmitter –
High-Bandwidth Optical Signal Transmitter

High-Bandwidth Optical Signal Transmitter

Plug and Play Generation of High-Bandwidth Optical Signals

The IQTransmitter enables the Optical Communication R&D Engineers to quickly and cost-effectively generate high-bandwidth optical signals such as 30GBaud DP-QPSK to support their development in fields such as:

  • Design, test and calibrate your optical transmitter. Characterise the full electric field: amplitude, phase and polarization.
  • Develop next-generation modulation formats, test their tolerance to network impairments using TRUE BER.
  • Identify transmitter and system anomalies using a wide array of visualisation, including State-of-Polarization versus time.
  • Develop and test control algorithms for active components such as modulators, EDFAs, raman pumps…
  • Characterise the impact of passive components (filters, dispersion compensating modules, ROADM) on the system performance.
  • Design, test receiver DSP algorithms. Use MatLab to develop and add your own algorithm in the DSP chain.


Leading edge components are tested and integrated into a product designed for reliability and consistent high performance.
PC Remote control via an intuitive GUI enables power-levels, auto-bias controls, and manual bias points to be easily updated.
The IQPPG can be used with the IQTransmitter to generate the electrical RF input signals for the generation of DP-QPSK, QPSK, BPSK, & OOK coherently modulated optical signals.

The single GUI provides full control over both units to provide the R&D Engineer with full control over electrical and optical signal generation.

Alternatively a dual or quad-channel separate AWG can be used with the IQTransmitter to generate multi-level modulation formats such as 16QAM or 64QAM.



  • Highly customizable
  • High bandwidth of 26 GHz (typical)
  • Analogue manual modulator bias control
  • Software driven automatic modulator bias control
  • Full dual-polarization generation
  • Emulated dual-polarization generation
  • DP-QPSK, DP-16-QAM, OFDM generation with linear RF amplifier
  • Narrow linewidth, built-in tunable laser



  • Dual or Quad channel, each with differential outputs.
  • 5 – 30 Gbps gap free operation.
  • Integrated Clock Generator, tunable from 5-38GHz with 1MHz resolution.
  • Multiple internal PRBS patterns
  • 16 Bit user programmable pattern.
  • Remote control from the same GUI as the IQTransmitter
  • Configured to provide optimal RF inputs to the IQTransmitter – Out of the Box.
  • Suitable for the generation of DP-QPSK, QPSK, BPSK & OOK modulation formats.

IQTransmitter for Greater Flexibility and Ease of Use

The IQTransmitter enables quick and simple generation of phase modulated optical signals in one, simple to use, bench-top package. Even better, the IQTransmitter’s unique range of customizations give you unrivalled flexibility and even greater value – Out of the Box.

The Most Cost Effective Test Source

Full Dual-Polarization complex modulation optical transmitter systems with 4 channel PPGs can be prohibitively expensive; requiring investment in multiple high speed PPGs. The IQTransmitter’s emulated dual-polarization capability uses optical multiplexing technique to generate a dual-polarization signal from a single-polarization modulated signal. So with the emulated dual-polarization generator you can create DP-QPSK signals using two differential outputs of a single channel PPG – significantly reducing costs.

More Flexibility in Modulator Bias Control

The option of the automatic modulator bias control replaces the standard manual hardware modulator bias control with fully functional software control. You can use the dedicated bias control software to adjust individual bias settings or select automatic optimization, which lets you quickly and effortlessly generate optimized QPSK or 16-QAM signals.

Generate 16-QAM, OFDM and more

The IQTransmitter uses high bandwidth linear RF amplifiers to enable generation of any multi-level optical modulation formats when used with RF Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG).

The ideal ‘Golden’ optical signal source

Generating and controlling phase modulated optical signal is made easy with the IQTransmitter. Available in two different versions; emulated dual-polarization and full dual-polarization, you get never before available flexibility from the outset. Its high bandwidth of 26 GHz (typical) ensures high quality optical signal generation even at Baud rates exceeding 30 GBaud, making it the ideal ‘Golden’ optical signal source for coherent communications applications.

Introducing the Emulated Dual-Polarization IQTransmitter

Emulated Dual-Polarization IQTransmitter
Dual-polarization phase modulated optical signals require four RF input channels to be driven by high speed RF signals. However, the investment required in high speed PPGs and AWGs often make the total system cost prohibitively high.

Introducing the Full Dual-Polarization IQTransmitter

Full Dual-Polarization IQTransmitter
The full dual-polarization IQTransmitter is a leader in its class; providing more capability, more flexibility, greater ease of use and all at a price point that offers unrivalled value.

Introducing the IQProgrammable Pattern Generator

IQProgrammable Pattern Generator
The IQPPG is a multi-channel high bitrate (30Gbps) Programmable Pattern Generator with internal clock synthesizer optimized for use with the IQTransmitter to transmit high bandwidth optical signals using a variety of coherent modulation formats such as DP-QPSK, QPSK, BPSK, & OOK.

Versatile Configuration Options for Different Applications

Versatile Configuration Options for Different Applications

  • Full Dual-pol nQam Optical Signal Generation
  • Emulated Dual-pol nQam Optical Signal Generation
  • Full Dual-pol QPSK
  • Dual-pol QPSK
  • Emulated Dual-pol QPSK