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Real-time Optical Modulation Analyzer



The IQScope-RT Coherent Optical Receiver with LabMaster real-time oscilloscopes provides up to 65 GHz of bandwidth for optical modulation analysis of dual-polarized signals up to 130 Gbaud. That’s the fastest commercial capability in the world.
The combined system from Coherent Solutions and Teledyne LeCroy is the market leader in Optical Modulation Analyzer solutions; providing ground breaking oscilloscope with a seamlessly integrated, intuitive interface and a uniquely scalable format that delivers unrivalled performance. For the first time, you get full characterization of your optical signal’s true performance – Out of the Box.

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    • Up to 70 GHz Coherent Receiver bandwidth
    • Up to 130 GBaud detectable
    • Real-time acquisition for testing of long-haul optical channels
    • Built-in dispersion compensation, polarization de-multiplexing, and carrier recovery algorithms with exhaustive analytical views and parameters
    • User algorithm development with MATLAB™
    • Supports DP-QPSK, DP-16-QAM, a variety of other PSK and
    • QAM formats, and custom formats
    • The most seamlessly integrated OMA system on the market


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    • Watch the ‘Using an Optical Modulation Analyzer to Optimize 16QAM Optical TranceiversWebinar here.

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    Industry Leading Bandwidth and Sample Rate

    70 GHz Coherent Optical Receiver bandwidth provides up to 130 GBaud symbol rate analysis when used with the 65 GHz LabMaster 10-65 Zi acquisition modules.

    Modular Scalable Architecture
    Upgradable oscilloscope bandwidth (20 GHz – 65 GHz and channel count (4 in a single unit and up to 80 with additional acquisition modules). Choose the functionality you need now and upgrade later.

    Seamless Multi-Module Configuration
    ChannelSync architecture utilizes a single 10 GHz distributed clock to precisely align all acquisition modules for lowest inter-channel jitter and the highest confidence in results.

    Unmatched Software Integration
    Optical LINQ, the OMA Signal Analysis software, runs on the LabMaster 10 Zi and is fully integrated into the DSO software giving you a seamless, intuitive interface.

    Smart and Dynamic Calibration
    The IQScope-RT provides optimized signal fidelity and adaptive self-calibration allowing the receiver to be disconnected and reconnected without factory calibration.


    The IQScope-RT Coherent Optical Receiver brings optical modulation analysis to the Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscope. As a calibrated reference receiver, the IQScope-RT performs heterodyne detection on both orthogonal polarization components of the optical field.
    Coherent Optical Receiver



    LabMaster 10 Zi is the world’s highest bandwidth (65 GHz) real time oscilloscope. The modular design allows more channels with better performance, and permits simple and easy upgrades.


    • World’s Highest Performing Real-Time Oscilloscope – 65 GHz bandwidth, (5.2 ps risetime 20 – 80%), 160 GS/s sample rate, up to 80 channels, up to 1024 Mpts of analysis memory
    • Modular – start with four channels and grow your system over time. Spread out your investment as funds permit
    • Wide bandwidth upgrade range (25 – 65 GHz) provides investment protection
    • ChannelSync™ architecture utilizes a 10 GHz distributed clock for precise alignment of all acquisition systems
    • Single trigger circuit for all modules eliminates additive trigger jitter that occurs with 10 MHz clocking and trigger synchronization of multiple conventional oscilloscopes
    • Simple – connect and acquire – Teledyne LeCroy has done the hard work for you
    • 325 MB/s data transfer rate from the LabMaster to a separate PC with Teledyne LeCroy Serial Interface Bus (LSIB) option
    • Server-class multi-core processor combines with X-Stream II streaming architecture for fast acquisition and analysis – 33.6 GHz effective CPU clock rate and 24 GB of RAM standard (expandable to 192 GB)
    • Utilize the built-in 15.3” widescreen (16 x 9) high resolution WXGA color touch screen display – or connect your own with up to WQXGA 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution
    • Highly stable timebase (50 fsrms) over long acquisitions, low Jitter Measurement and Rj noise floor
    • Deepest standard toolbox with more measurements, more math, more power
    • 14.1 Gb/s Serial Trigger Option – 80-bit NRZ, 8b/10b and 64b/66b triggering

    Find out more about the LabMaster 10 Zi Oscilloscopes

    Target Applications

    • Visibility for Component Testing
    • Evaluation for Transmitter Testing
    • True BER Counting
    • Custom Modulation Format Development
    • Receiver Link Validation
    • Custom DSP Algorithm Validation

    Unmatched Software Performance

    Optical-LINQ software

    IQScope-RT comes with the Optical-LINQ software for analysis of optically modulated signals. The software is integrated into the oscilloscope application, controls the IQScope-RT receiver and performs all necessary calibrations. Users can select a wide variety of analysis views and parametric measurements to gain a complete understanding of their optical signal path.

    Unrivalled Software Integration

    The OMA functions and controls are fully integrated in the LabMaster oscilloscope software. You can apply any of LabMaster’s extensive signal diagnosis tool kits directly on the OMA signals. LabMaster’s user-friendly interface also allows intuitive layout of visual and numerical analysis outputs which can be customized to your liking.